Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Filming Protests - How We Do It.

LANG ONLINE MEDIA Team share filming techniques for Protests, working Live in the Streets. Tips for Safety Concerns, Vehicle Use, Dealing with Police, Best Cameras and Equipment to Use.Watch the VIDEO on our YouTube Channel

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Virginia's 5000 Man March - VIDEO

Richmond Protests 
Saturday 6-13-2020 - Over 5000 Protesters assembled at the Robert E Lee Statue site in Richmond Virginia to march down Monument ave. Watch the VIDEO on our YouTube Channel

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Virginia State Capitol Locked Down - VIDEO

Richmond Protests
Virginia State Capitol is Boarded Up and Locked Down after protests in city. Watch video on YouTube

Broad Street Closed & Boarded Up -VIDEO

Richmond Protests
Driving on Broad St. in Richmond Virginia. Saturday 6-6-2002. A thriving business community near the university. Businesses are closed and boarded up. Watch this VIDEO on our YouTube Channel

Monument Ave Statues - VIDEO

Richmond Protests
Saturday 6-6-2002 Richmond Virginia. Protesters peacefully gather around Statues painted with Graffiti. Watch this VIDEO on our YouTube Channel

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Charlottesville Protests - 5-30-2020 - VIDEO

You can watch the VIDEO on YouTube at the following link

Saturdays protest was organized after the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Floyd died while being pinned to pavement beneath a Minneapolis policeman’s knee for more than eight minutes

A staging area was set up on 5th street across from the OMNI in the staples parking area. The plan was march from there to the police station. What appeared to be a caravan of vehicles with the emergence flashers on drove over to east market street past the police station 

During the entire event we were impressed with peaceful non-confrontation atmosphere, there was no visible evidence of a police presence, other than some bicycle officers who helped redirect traffic.